Forex On The Go Lite App Reviews

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The full version is a rip off

The full version does neither offer more functionality nor the promised faster updates compared to the lite version. The paid version is instead highly unstable and often does not load at all. The app is not being actively maintained. Updates are promised but never materialize. What a rip off for this price.

Very useful

For quick reference to the fx market

Has enough function for me

I like this app and use it everyday. I dont trade every minute. So its ok The pairs are ok. They are standard pairs. I dont trade Rubble with Zloty or whatever. So....

Great potential - falls short

This app has a lot of potential. But... ...the "wide variety of currency pairs" is kind of misleading....there are only 7 or 8 countries/currencies available. It crashes about a minute into starting everytime I run it (my guess is that its somehow related to the ad...because it will crash even when I dont do anything at all...) and it takes a while for the charts to come up when loading it. Also, it seems that most pairs are available in only one, USD to CAD and not vice versa. Get the bugs worked out. Include more currencies and itll be a great app. Looking forward to updates before I make the jump to the non-lite version.

No data feed & other issues... according to it markets are closed midday!

Its 12:45 PM EST as I write this. This app, as it has been doing for almost a week now, is messaging "Sorry, markets are closed - please check back during normal trading hours" !?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!!!! This app worked very slowly/weakly when I first installed it ... but at least it worked. Now evidently data requests from this app are blocked. Did the author actually bother to negotiate such access with Forex? Who knows ... there is virtually no info. on the "support" website to determine that either way. In the interim ... I found and am using CarryQuote ...also free and ten times the app. It works quickly/flawlessly and provides numbers re equities, bonds and commodities as well. Forex On The Go - guess what - your market is closed. Im deleting this app ... its a waste of space on my iphone.

Not so good

Just ok when it works which is half the time

Im liking it!!!

This app is almost perfect for my need. I trade currencies and use this app to check whats going on when Im away from my laptop. The only complaints that I have is that some times it doesnt sync to the market right away and that you cant add any studies to the charts. Besides that its great. Good work!

Excellent Application

Excellent Application that gives you great charts and upto date forex info for free. Especially since the last update works great. Developer claims data is real time. From my experience it seems to be so.

Nice app

It is a nice app give you price and news. It would better if it includes some standard indicators.


Check out Trade Interceptor. A way better program and will release live trading soon. FOTG is not a very good app at all. They finally unrolled their live trading, and I could not get it to work. (Im with MB Trading- best broker ever by the way) The customer service was bad and Id get an email back every few days. They have been promising indicators forever and still nothing. And whats with the delayed refresh time in the charts? Check out Trade Interceptor - real time charts, indicators, good customer service, basically everything FOTG is lacking.

Very limited and no indicators

This ones a pass. Only has basic charts and doesnt update in realtime. Its not a good tool to monitor an entreance or exit with. Trade Interceptor is WAY better.

technicals are required

i need at least macd and slow stocastics.


Program naprawdę godny polecenia. The best of the free programs!

Needs a lot of work, a lot missing, inaccurate?

1. The pips are inaccurate because I think the chart is plotting based on the askprice instead of the bidprice like all major charting applications. 2. It doesnt refresh on its own! You have to go back, select the currency again, and then it refreshes. Not even a refresh button on the chart! That would be minimal, but it would be nice if you can have it refresh every X seconds based on whatever the user wants. 3. No time on the horizontal axis! How should we know what time the candle belongs to? 4. News only today. Not seeing going into the next day or the week a head? For example, todays news already has passed so what benefit is that to me if I cant see the news for tomorrow, or the next week? 4. The regulare version is wayyy to expensive. $10! No way. Especially with all the issues. The charts are not even very friendly. For half the price I would expect at least to also be able to scroll back to see earlier candles in the timeframe chosen by easily using your finger and zooming in and out using 2 fingers. Basically this is just very basic and can be so much more. Will update comments/stars if this app is fixed.

Could be so much more

Must agree with jdTrader. Tried and uninstalled. Its slow and sluggish with little real use. Available currencies are limited. Maybe itll get better. . maybe. I much prefer my original free versions for their breadth and responsiveness.

Not completely useless

Its actually nice to have, for a first forex app. Would like the charts to actually move rather then just a snap shot. The ultimate would be, of course, a fully functional trading app and theres no reason why one couldnt be created, chop chop.

Good start but......

Good start but not practical at all, can not complain since its free.

Finally a forex app!

Looks good. Looking forward to the updates. Great start!

Forex On the Go is great!

Thank you thank you! Easy to use with tons of features. 5 stars!

Good enough for a lite version

The latest updates refresh the screen along with new prices and it is just good enough for a free version. Way to go

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